​Middlesex Rehabilitation
Associates, Inc.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy
The components of your
physical therapy treatment
will include:

​            ​Education:you will be informed about your problem
​​            Exercise: you will be instructed in appropriate exercises, which will
                         aid you in your recovery
​            Manual hands-on techniques: ​ joint mobility, soft tissue mobility,
​                         resisted movement patterns, facilitation techniques
​​            ​Modalities: as appropriate, the use of heat, ice, ultrasound and/or
​                         electric stimulation to further aid in healing your problem



            Physical Therapy
            Manual Therapy
​            Joint Mobilization
            Soft Tissue Mobilization
            Spine Care
            Pre-Operative Rehabilitation
            Post-Operative Rehabilitation
​            Pain Management
​            Balance/Falls Prevention