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Orthopedic Physical Therapy
About Us
Middlesex Rehabilitation Associates has been providing physical therapy services since 1982. As you have had to adjust and accomodate, to the ever changing climate of healthcare, so have we.  Since 1983, patients have had the ability to directly access physical therapists, without seeing a physician first. 

If you have seen a doctor already, great.  If not, we can provide you with a physical therapy evaluation and appropriate treatment. But, if we discover something, which does need a medical evaluation, we will let you know.  Either way, our goal is for you to receive the care YOU need and, just as importantly, for you to understand what your problem is.  Be sure to know what your insurance's specific requirements are.

When you call to schedule your initial evaluation, our front desk staff will courteously make your appointment, answer any questions you have and prepare you to meet with your physical therapist.
What is Physical Therapy?

It is a hands-on treatment approach, with an emphasis on normalizing your functional movement patterns.Treatment consists of stretching and strengthening exercises, in conjunction with the use of modalities such as ultrasound and electric stimulation, combined with manual hands-on  
techniques, which improve and normalize the functional tasks that occur in everyday life or sports activities.

How is this done?

After a complete Physical Therapy Evaluation is performed, a treatment plan, tailored to your specfic needs, is established and followed.  As you progress, your treatment plan is progressed and modified.

What types of problems can physical therapy help?

Numerous problems can be helped.  Some of the more common problems include:   Sprains,   Strains,   Arthritis,   Fractures,   Tendonitis, Bursitis,   Back and Neck Pain,   Balance,   Falls Prevention,   Work Injury,  Auto Related Injury,    Soft Tisssue Pain and Tightness  and 
Post-Surgical Rehabilitation.

These are just a few.  Call us and we will gladly tell you if we think we can assist you with your problem.